A First Book of C++
Author: Gary J. Bronson
Publisher: Course Technology; 4 edition
Publication Date: 2011-02-11
ISBN-10: 1111531005
ISBN-13: 9781111531003
Paperback: 800 Pages
A First Book of C++
Gary Bronson’s A FIRST BOOK OF C++, Fourth Edition, takes a hands-on, applied approach to the first programming language course for students studying computer science. The book begins with procedural programming in C, and then gradually introduces object-oriented programming features and the C++ language syntax that enables first-time programmers to use them.

A First Book of C++ (Introduction to Programming) (Paperback)
Author: Gary J. Bronson
ISBN: 1111531005
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Book Price: USD 161.45
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A First Book of C++


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