C Traps and PitfallsC Traps and Pitfalls
Author: Andrew Koenig
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1 edition
Publication Date: 1989-01-11
ISBN-10: 0201179288
ISBN-13: 9780201179286
Paperback: 160 Pages
Even C experts come across problems that require days of debugging to fix. This book helps to prevent such problems by showing how C programmers get themselves into trouble. Each of the book's many examples has trapped a professional programmer.C Traps and Pitfalls teaches how the peculiarities of the C language make it easy for the intended behavior of a program and the actual behavior of a program to differ. The book's experienced author, Koenig, follows up with examples and helpful advice on many of these "pitfalls." Each chapter includes exercises for contemplation with accompanying discussions at the end of the book.