Accounting for Non-Accountants
Author: David Horner
Publisher: Kogan Page; Ninth Edition edition
Publication Date: 2013-02-15
ISBN-10: 0749465972
ISBN-13: 9780749465971
Paperback: 384 Pages
Accounting for Non-Accountants

An introduction to British accounting system and regulations, this book supplies an insight into British accounting standards and taxation issues, supported by examples and review questions. It covers financial and management accounting and takes into account the international framework for UK limited companies. Extremely up-to-date, the text incorporates the latest International Financial Reporting Standards [IFRS] proposal for 2015.

Accounting for Non-Accountants (Paperback)
Author: David Horner
ISBN: 0749465972
Publisher: Kogan Page
Book Price: USD 49.95
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Accounting for Non-Accountants


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