First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System
Author: Katherine Murray
Publisher: Microsoft Press; 1 edition
Publication Date: 2006-06-21
ISBN-10: 0735622655
ISBN-13: 9780735622654
Paperback: 224 Pages

What’s inside the newest release of the Microsoft Office system? How will the new interface change the way you work and make you more self-sufficient and effective? How can your business put the new workflow capabilities to work right away in this new world of work? With FIRST LOOK MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007, well-known author and columnist Katherine Murray gives you an exclusive introduction to the next generation of Microsoft Office. You’ll get an expert overview of new and enhanced applications, features, and capabilities in addition to advance insights and straight talk from the Office product group, Discover the new user interface and revolutionize the way you use Office; learn about the Live Preview feature that allows you to see how a format will look before you make a change; introduce yourself to the new collaboration products and services, including Microsoft Office Live Meeting and Microsoft Office Groove. In addition, learn about enhancements to existing ! Office applications, including new graphics capabilities in Microsoft Office PowerPoint®, easier database creation with Microsoft Office Access, easier time-management capabilities in Microsoft Office Outlook®, and improved charting capabilities in Microsoft Office Excel®. It’s an exclusive, guided preview for business decision makers, early adopters, and users—and anyone else who wants to start planning and hit the ground running with the next generation of Office.

About the Author

Katherine Murray is the author of more than 40 computer books, covering everything from Microsoft Office to PC basics to developing Web graphics, including several Microsoft Press® books such as Faster Smarter Microsoft Office XP. She is also a columnist for Microsoft Office Online. She specializes in teaching people how to communicate through print and electronic media, and she runs her own consulting company.

First Look 2007 Microsoft® Office System (Paperback)
Author: Katherine Murray
ISBN: 0735622655
Publisher: Microsoft Press
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First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System


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  1. I read this book : First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System. Just buy it! EROL MVP SharePoint

    First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System

    Giraudy Erol05-17 07:01
  2. This book wasn’t what I thought it would be. If you just want information about office 2007 then i guess its ok. If you want something to actually show you all the features with some tutorials then buy something else.

    First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System

    Orlando Zamora05-17 09:21
  3. This book was purchased to replace one that I had lost, and was only meant as a general reference. However, despite it having been written at the beginning of Office 2007′s launch, it still contains information which is useful for anyone using this standard suite of applications today.

    Very well written, with lots of diagrams and references.

    First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System

    Pier Luigi Long05-17 09:37
  4. Murray skims through the many incremental changes in MS Office 2007. Given that Microsoft has hundreds of programmers that maintain their Office suite, it should be no surprise that the book has plenty of new material.

    But if you are going to read this book, you should mentally step back and ask yourself if the upgrade’s changes will actually be used by you. The bulk of the book deals with incremental refinements. Chances are that the existing MS Office you’re already using is plenty adequate.

    First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System

    W Boudville05-17 11:05
  5. Don’t pick up this book thinking it will teach how to use office 2007. This is more of a large sales brochure for what is new in office 2007.

    If you are wondering if you should upgrade your user community, then it could help as it will give you an idea as to what has changed. This is a major release and it will involve some learning by the user base.

    There are an ample amount of screen shots to get an idea of the new UI. The book does walk you through some very basic stuff. However, I should say again this is not a “Howto” book.

    The “search inside” link above has the contents so I will not list them here. What I found a little useful was the discussion about onenote and office grove as I did not know them.

    Each product section has a small interview with the product managers. I found them a little boring and skipped them after I read the first two.

    Visio and sharepoint are very lightly mentioned.

    Overall, this is an ok overview book but it is not something you will want to give long term shelf space. I am not going to keep the book as I think it’s served it’s purpose after one reading.

    First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System

    Mathew A. Shember05-17 11:31

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