Getting StartED with Dojo
Author: Kyle Hayes, Peter Higgins
Publisher: friends of ED; 1st Edition. edition
Publication Date: 2010-01-06
ISBN-10: 1430225211
ISBN-13: 9781430225218
Paperback: 250 Pages
Getting StartED with Dojo

Dojo has been described as the JavaScript toolkit for programmers that’s easy enough for designers to pick up. This book will introduce the foundational concepts of using Dojo to increase efficiency when developing modern websites that utilize DOM manipulation, Ajax, animations, effects, and widgets.

  • Dojo basics
  • Animations and effects
  • Widgets with Dijit

What you’ll learn

  • Understand why using Dojo is recommended over plain JavaScript.
  • Examine Dojo’s Core functions that empower the developer to focus on efficient, easy-to-maintain solutions.
  • Utilize Dojo’s powerful event management and handling features to easily execute functions from user and program interaction.
  • Create rich user experiences with the powerful and easy-to-use utilities Dojo provides for animation.
  • Implement and use the large selection of Dojo’s premade, well-constructed, and skinnable widgets in a website or application.
  • Bring third-party dynamic data and content into your website or application using Dojo’s robust tools for easy Ajax implementation and handling.

Who is this book for?

This book is geared toward designers who want to use JavaScript functionality on websites but don’t want to deal with the everyday complexities of coding JavaScript for cross-browser compatibility, tedious methods for DOM manipulation, event handling, Ajax calls, and application user interface elements.

Getting StartED with Dojo is also aimed at developers who are looking to enhance their preexisting JavaScript skills by transitioning their front-end development style to one that is based on core programming standards such as classes, events, and server communication using Ajax.

It is assumed the reader is familiar with (X)HTML development.

About the Author

Kyle Hayes is a programmer and Web UI designer/developer for The Walt Disney Company, Disney Interactive Media Group.

Getting StartED with Dojo (Paperback)
Author: Kyle Hayes, Peter Higgins, Dennis Hayes
ISBN: 1430225211
Publisher: Apress
Book Price: USD 26.58
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Getting StartED with Dojo

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  1. It’s not that this is not a good book dealing with the basic’s of dojo, it’s just that it lacks, what I would consider adequate coverage on dojo Widgets, which are the UI controls provided by dojo. For most of the controls the only documentation available is one sentence telling you they exist. That said, if you want to use dojo to manipulate the DOM and use dojo as a replacement for more verbose javascript functions this is a good book. I’m just not sure why they spent more pages explaining how to use firebug then explaining how to use all of the functionality of the widgets such as the DateTextBox.

    Getting StartED with Dojo

    Tom08-08 10:39
  2. This book is a must have. It’ll not just get you through great examples but just about almost any thinkable resource available to give you the tools and confidence you need to get that postponed Dojo project done. So the reference value is top notch, double win! Thanks Kyle and Peter.

    Getting StartED with Dojo

    elramirez08-08 10:54
  3. If you’re new to Dojo then this is a VERY good book for learning it. It covers just about every topic you will need to get your Dojo projects started. I’ve gone through about 100 pages so far and I’ve enjoyed the way this book presents itself. It’s not too detailed for the beginner but certainly gets you up and running on Dojo fast. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t know Dojo and wants to learn it fast.

    In summary, if you are new to Dojo then this book is a must have! If you don’t have time to read it, page through it to get a sense and keep it in reach of your desk. First check the index of this book next time you think of Googling something about Dojo and you might be surprised at how fast you could find of what you were looking for.

    Getting StartED with Dojo

    Jakob Herrmann08-08 13:30

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