Macroeconomics in ModulesMacroeconomics in Modules

  • Authors: Paul Krugman
  • Paperback: 476 pages
  • Publisher: Ingram; 2 edition (August 1, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1429287292
  • ISBN-13: 978-1429287296

Module 1 Got a Penny?
When Economists Agree
Module 2 Defining Recessions and Expansions
Module 4 Rich Nation, Poor Nation
Module 5 Beating the Traffic
Module 6 Only Creatures Small and Pampered
Module 7 The Great Tortilla Crisis
Module 8 Price Floors and School Lunches
Module 9 The Clams of New Jersey
Module 11Creating the National Accounts
Miracle in Venezuela?
Module 12Rocky Mountain Low
Module 13Structural Unemployment in Eastern
Module 14Israel’s Experience with Inflation
Module 15Indexing to the CPI
Module 16The Multiplier and the Great
Interest Rates and the U.S.
Housing Boom
Module 18Prices and Output During the Great
Module 19Supply Shocks Versus Demand
Shocks in Practice
Module 20Is Stabilization Policy Stabilizing?
Module 21About That Stimulus Package…
Module 23The History of the Dollar
What’s with All the Currency
Module 24How Big Is that Jackpot, Anyway?
Module 25It’s a Wonderful Banking System
Module 27Who Gets the Interest on the
Fed’s Assets?
Module 28Long -term Interest Rates
Module 30What Happened to the Debt from
World War II?
Argentina’s Creditors Take a Haircut
Module 31The Fed Reverses Course
What the Fed Wants, the Fed Gets
Module 32International Evidence of Monetary
Module 33Zimbabwe’s Inflation
Module 34From the Scary Seventies to the
Nifty Nineties
The Great Disinflation of the 1980s
Module 35The End of the Great Depression
Module 36Supply-Side Economics
After the Bubble
Module 37India Takes Off
The Walmart Effect
Module 38The Information Technology Paradox
Are Economies Converging?
Module 39Inventing R&D
The Brazilian Breadbasket
Coal Comfort on Resources
The Cost of Climate Protection
Module 41GDP, GNP, and the Current Account
A Global Savings Glut
The Golden Age of Capital Flows
Module 42Burgernomics
Low-Cost America
Module 43China Pegs the Yuan
Module 44From Bretton Woods to the Euro
The Joy of the Devalued Pound
Epilogue Erin Go Broke
Banks and the Great Depression

Macroeconomics in Modules (Paperback)
Author: Paul Krugman, Robin Wells, Margaret Ray, David A. Anderson
ISBN: 1429287292
Publisher: Worth Publishers
Book Price: $5.45
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Macroeconomics in Modules


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