Modern Perl
Author: chromatic
Publisher: Onyx Neon Press
Publication Date: 2010-10-31
ISBN-10: 0977920151
ISBN-13: 9780977920150
Paperback: 276 Pages
Modern Perl
Perl 5 is a popular, powerful, and robust programming language. With countless satisfied developers, tens of thousands of freely available libraries, and continual improvements to the language and its ecosystem, modern Perl development can be easy, reliable, and fun. To take advantage of the full power of Perl 5–to become a true expert, capable of solving any problem put before you–you must understand the language. Modern Perl explains Perl 5 from theory to implementation, including Perl 5.12.

Modern Perl (Paperback)
Author: Chromatic
ISBN: 0977920151
Publisher: Onyx Neon Press
Book Price: $7.18
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Modern Perl


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