Survey of Operating Systems
Author: Jane Holcombe, Charles Holcombe
Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 3 edition
Publication Date: 2012-03-01
ISBN-10: 0073518174
ISBN-13: 9780073518176
Paperback: 432 Pages
Survey of Operating Systems
Holcombe, “Survey of Operating Systems, 3e” is ‘your foundation for IT Success!’ McGraw-Hill is proud to introduce the third edition of Jane and Charles Holcombe’s, “Survey of Operating Systems”. This edition is a unique revision of the successful previous editions. Every chapter has been updated to include more illustrations and hands-on activities for students building a foundation for IT success through a fundamental understanding of desktop operating systems, including Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux. Due to market feedback and customer response, the textbook has been streamlined to provide a new pedagogy, including more extensive coverage on security that is, presented earlier in the text, and a new chapter on Desktop Virtualization. “Survey of Operating Systems” offers today’s student a visual, interactive, and empowering approach to learning desktop operating systems so they can build their foundation for IT success!

Survey of Operating Systems (Paperback)
Author: Jane Holcombe, Charles Holcombe
ISBN: 0073518174
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Book Price: USD 112.11
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Survey of Operating Systems


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