VMware vSphere Design
Author: Forbes Guthrie, Scott Lowe, Maish Saidel-Keesing
Publisher: Sybex; 1 edition
Publication Date: 2011-03-08
ISBN-10: 0470922028
ISBN-13: 9780470922026
Paperback: 384 Pages
VMware vSphere Design
The only book focused on designing VMware vSphere implementations.

VMware vSphere is the most widely deployed virtualization platform today. Considered the most robust and sophisticated hypervisor product, vSphere is the de facto standard for businesses, both large and small. This book is the only one of its kind to concisely explain how to execute a successful vSphere architecture, tailored to meet your company’s needs. Expert authors share with you the factors that shape the design of a vSphere implementation. Learn how to make the right design decisions for your environment.

  • Explores the latest release of VMware vSphere
  • Details the overall design process, server hardware selection, network layout, security considerations, storage infrastructure, virtual machine design, and more
  • Debates the merits of Scaling Up servers versus Scaling Out, ESX versus ESXi hypervisor, vSwitches versus dvSwitches, and what the different storage protocols have to offer
  • Illustrates the tools to monitor, to plan, to manage, to deploy and to secure your vSphere landscape
  • Steps through the design decisions that a typical company may encounter, and questions the choices made
  • Packed with real-world proven strategies, VMware vSphere Design examines how the virtualization architecture for your company should ideally look—and how best to achieve it.

VMware vSphere Design (Paperback)
Author: Forbes Guthrie, Scott Lowe, Maish Saidel-Keesing
ISBN: 0470922028
Publisher: Sybex
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VMware vSphere Design


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